Buy The World A Hope

A little less than a year ago Sarah Goodreau and myself got asked to do an animation for an idea that was a breath of fresh air. A friend and colleague, Gareth Broadbent started Good Things in hopes to get Coca Cola to invest one year’s worth of their advertising budget into something bigger and better: protecting the rain forests.

The reason why this project was rejuvenating was for a few key factors: Sarah and I had free range to style and animate however we pleased, Gareth completely trusted our choices, and last but not least – it was fantastic to work on something that in a way was advertising but in a way different, advertising for the greater good.

Sarah and I constantly collaborate, but it wasn’t until this project that we nailed our workflow down. In the past we’ve done a few gifs using her illustrations for fun, but we never thought to fully utilize the technical seeds of that for a long animation.

Now because of this project, our collaborative efforts officially go under the name Wizard Fingers.

Our workflow is simple: illustrate in 2D, model and animate those in 3D using Cinema4D. Sarah works primarily in Photoshop, and can redo her illustrations at any specified size really quickly – really handy when I decide to get in very close to one of the illustrations and need higher-res textures.

Here’s a Making Of which shows the animatic (props to David Schagerström), playblasts, alternate angles, and of course the final product.


About 98% of the animation was done entirely in Cinema4D. Depending on the elements, I would bring in the illustrations into After Effects and animate them, and once done import that sequence as an animated texture in C4D.

Below you can see some animation sprites that where used in the animation. Sarah’s base illustrations are featured as well; her illustration style for this project really lent itself for animation.


Calendar Characters

Calendar Characters

Some early R&D; little of it was used but it was important to go through these steps.


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