3M: Command Strips

Every once in a while you get to work on a cute project where the post work has to be subtle and accent or heighten the cuteness. For this 3M Command Strips spot, there was tons of CG work going on – sometimes noticeable and sometimes not.

Being VFX Supervisor on this project was great, there was a wide range of different techniques used both on and off set. On set we had slow motion maquettes and miniatures, a stylized roller coaster car, a massive 3-paneled picture frame, the list goes on.

The R&D stage was probably the most fun; between building a roller coaster track, matching dynamics from our maquette, or making confetti tests, it was all good fun. Here’s some selects of the early tests:

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Director: Carl Addy
Producer: Nick Canham
Production Manager: Terri Wood
Production Co-ordinator: Ben Burdock
VFX Producer: Luiza Cruz-Flade
Shoot Supervisor: Fred Huergo
Creative Director: Carl Addy
2D Artists: Fergal Hendrick, Georgina Ford, Justin Gros-Desir, Heather Goodenough
3D Artists: Fred Huergo, Anthony Fieldsend, Stephanie Dewhirst, Raj Davsi
Editor: Hugo Vaughn-Hughes
Colourist: Mick Vincent, Seamus O’Kane
Design & Illustration Artists: Alex Pelham, Charles Bigeast

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