Last year I worked on making some pasta shapes using only mathematical formulas I found in a book. You can read the Parametric Pasta post about the process and how the formulas were interpreted and brought into C4D.

Before the gifs for Parametric Pasta, I wanted to do an animation on the abstraction of these pasta shapes – get really close on them to have them look like either body parts or alien landscapes.

I brought in the pasta shapes into C4D, set my aspect ratio, and started lighting. The way the lighting was done for Cuisilinear was using the standard default material and the way that the viewport portrays the lighting – basically no rendering or light tweaking until much further into the game.

This allowed me to start blocking out shots, and fit them in the edit. I had some loose ideas on the editing treatment that I wanted to give the video, but didn’t incorporate it into the hardware render (let’s call it the blocking/staging animatic) because I wanted to get the shots out of the way.

Once I had that in place, I started to texture and light. However I ran into some problems. I wanted to render with vRay initially, but since I was under the time pressure to get it ready for my talk at MultiMania, I had to scrap not only the vRay approach but the video altogether. Instead I rendered the gifs you can see in the Parametric Pasta post.

So I basically forgot about the video for a while – until I got my license for Octane Render. After seeing how easy it was to set up the shaders for Pudge, I decided to take it up a notch and do materials that were a hybrid of pasta-flour-stuff and skin. The renders were a mix of really fast and some that were back to normal rendering speeds, but that’s to be expected with SSS. Some tweaks in After Effects and my abstraction of pasta was finished.

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