Thalys Musical Chairs

I was approached by the cool guys at Resn to do some 3D Illustration for the upcoming online game Musical Chairs for the high-speed train line Thalys. The gameplay is pretty fun, you hover over a defined track and then once the music switches off, you race your mouse cursor over to a chair and click.

Here are the renders in-situ.


I delivered the renders basically as clay renders with some nice and subtle lighting, and then the team at Resn did some grading adjustments.

The models were neat and I didn’t want them to live just as clay renders, so I took some color to them and re-interpreted them.


ParisCologne_Final_v2Brussels_FinalAnd finally here’s some research and development with the models – some have a more displaced feel, some where just too much (or not enough). All in all it’s a nice set of models – my favorites ranging from the Cologne cathedral to the drunk cat.

RnDClient: Thalys

Agencies: Resn, Rosa Park

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