Workflow Timelapse & Test Renders

I was recently involved in a project that requires me to: do a 3D Geometry scan, collect that data and use it to solve a 3D Geometry Matchmove, develop “pads” that would protrude and slide out of skin, and also make animated pads that had the slow fluttering of butterflies and run them through a particle system. All of that in basically a week!

While I’ve still yet to make some composited stills, here’s some test renders, R&D, and a little making of timelapse.

This is a basic render with slight compositing (and no grading) to give an idea of how it would look:

Some Research + Development for protrusion from skin. Eventually this method was scrapped since it was too processor heavy and it was hard to get subtle results (as opposed to the big protuberances you see in this test). However, the skin shader turned out nice.

And finally, a timelapse of the major parts of the workflow and postproduction pipeline.


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