The Existential Adventures of Tim Maia

This is the story of Tim Maia, possibly the greatest (and craziest) soul singer you never heard of. Infamous in Brazil, Tim was a soul grenade that exploded in the 70s. He single handedly revolutionized Brazilian popular music and had the best time ever doing it. His story is one of humorous excess in every way imaginable and there’s something for all the family: drugs, women, money, guns and even a UFO cult thrown in. He REALLY lived the dream, always with a smile.

It’s not everyday that David Byrne’s label Luaka Bop contacts you to make an old-school 2D animation chronicling the life of a funk star. On top of that, I can’t say that I would usually record a voice-over with Devendra Banhart – but in this case the stars aligned quite magically and I’m happy this project is finally live.

Myself, fellow SuperHero David Schagerström, and Zoltan Korai worked on animating the illustrations made by Shop-Around’s Momo & Sprits.

If you’re in NYC you might see the poster around – if not, here it is, with my name in it and all that jazz.


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