Phantom Flex: Somewhere Else

Back when I was in New York, a month before I left I got the chance to work on a short film. I was the Production Coordinator for it, working alongside Brendan Bellomo (Director) and Greg Wilson (Cinematographer).

Greg was approached by Abel Cine Tech and Vision Research to shoot a test for their new Phantom Flex – an amazing fast-speed camera. Originally it was supposed to be a simple exercise – test out the 2500+ framerate, dynamic range, chromatic aberration, resolution, etc..

What’s surprising is that the shoot happened over the span of 2 days; we managed to squeeze a lot of production value given the time, circumstances and budget. My old motion-stomping-grounds Favorite Color helped out with the funding, which in turn allowed for the project to evolve from the test to a narrative.

Finally after waiting (and partly forgetting it existed), I’m proud to bring you Somewhere Else.

Besides being Production Coordinator I also shot and edited a behind the scenes from when I had some down-time. I’d previously posted it on this blog, but here’s a repost to bring it full-circle:

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