Cube Pong: Design + Animation in 30 minutes

The C4D community is known for being awesome, funny, supportive, sharing and collaborative.

A perfect embodiment of this mentality is Cube Pong. In a nutshell, designers/animators sign up for a 30-minute timeslot in a 24 hour timeframe, and on the day of Cube Pong you get a scene file which everyone has been working on and you add on to it. Then at the end, the work is rendered and posted.

Yes, this means that you get only 30 minutes to bring an animation to life – from start to finish. A challenge.

Another fantastic feature is that Cube Pong puts the final C4D scene file online for anyone to download and pick apart.

Eugene Opperman from Muse Creative contacted me letting me know that the next round of Cube Pong was up, and that the theme for this one was SuperHeroes. I signed up as soon as he told me, and gave it a shot.

Here’s the result (my bit is from 0:21 – 0:26):

I knew what I wanted to do: have a superhero face/bust/avatar come out of the box and fly through a cube-filled debris field.

I also knew that I only had 30 minutes to accomplish it.

I figured the cloth dynamics wouldn’t take too long (gravity set to 0, wind Z and wind Y were the heroes, plus some turbulence = flying on the cheap), and the debris field would just be a cloner with a Shader effector + falloff to have them shrink in/out.

The biggest time-eater would be modeling the face, no doubt.

Knowing that modeling without reference or having a clue takes ages, I went ahead and roughly sketched out a generic superhero that would work well with the Symmetry tool (time saving galore!).

When it came time to build and animate the scene in 30 minutes, I loaded the sketch and banged it out, and proceeded to work on the cloth. From there, animated them coming out of the cube, then had some spare time to work on lighting.

All in all, not bad for 30 minutes!

Here’s a link to the Cube Pong project site, with the file available for download.

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