Voodoo Doll for Comedy Central

After taking a month-long trip, it was nice to come back to a light and fun project.

SuperHeroes was asked to make an iPad & iPhone app for Comedy Central’s Roast series. The concept was to have a voodoo doll with whoever the roastee is pasted on its face. As the show progresses, tweets are posted around the needles, and there are two interactive animated states: Burn, and Cool-Down (there are also other animated states, but those are transitions).

The model was modeled and rendered using C4D, the fire was a mix of Turbulence4D and stock footage, and the cooldown was made with Trapcode Particular.

The app called for a stopmotion-esque feel, so we rendered out just a few frames/sprites to hand over to the developer.

I opted to use Cloth-based modeling for the doll, to give it a hand-made and imperfect feel. We drew up some concept drawings, picked the best one (kudos David!) and took it from there.

First traced a spline around the sketch to get the overall shape right. Then used an Extrude Nurbs to get a mesh for the front of the model that would play nice with Cloth Nurbs. Once I got an optimal polycount, I started Fixing Points on the Cloth Tag to shape it and to make it feel like the shape was tied together. I then repeated for the back of the model.

The result was imperfect, and at the seams also looks a little stitched – which was perfect for this brief. Finally, details were added: I gave the edges of the model seams, made from a Cloner Object and the original spline I traced for the model – this way it would match it perfectly. Then to make the rope around the model, I used a free spline-based plugin called Reeper – first time using it, worked like a charm.

Once modeling was completed, texturing/shading and lighting were the next steps. The textures were all taken from actual fabric photographs and then used as Bump and Displacement maps. An overall layer of grunge was put on the model, as well as an overall Displacement to give it a few kinks here and there. Finally, rigging and weighting to get the model to pose in different positions, put them in the environment and composited in the fire.


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