Monsters: A Work in Progress

I love collaborating in projects, and have been working lately with a fellow co-worker from my NY days – the very talented designer/conceptualist I-Nu Yeh. We used to work together when we both worked at Favorite Color, and recently got back in touch when she visited Amsterdam. A few beers and wines later, and we were ready to collaborate.

We’ve both been swamped with work so the project is in a temporary lull, but we felt it was time to show some work in progress on the conceptual and character development of our project, “Monsters”.

Monsters is intended to be a series of 10-15 second vignettes surrounding life in New York City. Each monster is a different character or characteristic of what it’s like living there – they all have their quirks, and they all have their environment/surroundings. What you see here is just a few of the many characters I-Nu’s been developing. She hands me sketches, we discuss the storyline and environment, and I start bringing the characters to life in 3D.

Here are some hand-drawn sketches by I-Nu, and some 3D sketches by me.

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