DIESEL: Fresh & Bright

It’s not every day that as a motion designer you can say “I just composited a tongue into a lollipop which is licking some boxer trunks”. Or “I made lasers emit from the eyes of a unicorn and paint color onto underwear”. Or even “I composited my own hands into robotic arms which spray color on a pair of boxer briefs.” But alas, that has been my colorful life for the last 3-4 weeks.

SuperHeroes has been working closely with Diesel to launch an interactive site for their line of underwear, Fresh & Bright.

We developed the idea to make their campaign follow these machine-like art installations that would apply Diesel’s palette of colors onto the underwear. Then we teamed up with the absolutely fantastic duo that is Ben and Julia. They were in charge of the video production and prop/set construction and development.

What you see here before is the offspring of countless hours of work for love, on everyone’s behalf:

Everything on this shoot was shot as a separate plate and then brought together to form what you’ve jsut seen: The model on the podium, the unicorn on its podium, a robotic arm on a podium, a hand to be composited onto the robotic arm, lollipop on a podium, and finally a tongue to be composited onto the lollipop.

It was a lot of fun being the hand-model for the robotic arms, and I’m sure our copywriter/conceptualist Gareth Broadbent took immense amounts of pleasure being the one to man the tongue.

You can see the videos on the interactive campaign site at http://www.diesel.com/freshandbright.

Behind the Scenes photos.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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