Cornucopious: Animated

I originally thought of the original Cornucopious to be just a still, but it had so much dynamism to it that I decided to animate it for 10 seconds. It doesn’t hurt that the spheres in the center where already animated via Thinking Particles, so one step was already done.

[vimeo w=640&h=345]

The spheres and the ‘candy blocks’ where animated using Thinking Particles (the latter one had two emitters following a spline). The rings were also dynamic and helped push the spheres and candy around for a nice effect. Both the array of rings (pink) and the ring in the back (orange) are animated using the Sound Effector in Mograph; it was pretty hard to fine-tune it to work on just the bass beats so I ended up making a sound file of just beeps on every beat. In a way it was like setting keyframes in a sound file.

Here’s a hardware render of the project, I thought the bright green with the black looked nice.

[vimeo w=640&h=345]

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