Vacant Room

A few weeks ago I was watching Evangelion (yeah yeah, whatever), and there was a particular shot that really drew my attention. I really like the lighting – the saturation and directional qualities of it, to be precise. It also really evoked this idea of solitude that I really liked, despite two characters being in there. So I screencapped it and when I found the time quickly built and lit the scene. Architecture rendering isn’t really my thing; I wouldn’t really call it an architecture render, but it’s closer to that than what I regularly post. I also had fun working with the color grading.

I didn’t really have time to build a bed but I needed something in the room (it’s already pretty vacant as it is, without that extra thing it would’ve just been a boring old box with light), so I hopped on Turbosquid and got a free mattress. I then rigged it with some bones (something I don’t usually do, but I found it quite fun and will probably start going deeper into rigging and weighting) and gave it that bent/collapsed feel. The maquette-figure guy came in last, as I had a hankering for really shallow depth of field and needed a foreground object.

A still from the scene that inspired this.

And finally, a screencap of the bone setup which made posing the mattress easy.

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