Bare Bones x SuperHeroes

Last week some of the crew from Bare Bones came over to Amsterdam for an event/show hosted by Sid Lee. We got in touch with Matt Lambert and he asked us to do some quick videos to add into the show. He gave us some slow-motion footage he had shot earlier that day and wanted us to give it the Bare Bones treatment. With a time limit of a couple of hours, we hashed out 4 videos.

The team consisted of myself, David SchagerströmOscar Gränse, and Raymo Ventura. It was a mixed bag of techniques: hand-drawn animation, some light 3D, motion tracking, and all-around simplifying and grungefying.

It was a nice and refreshing excercise (plus cool to work with Bare Bones) to work with a very limited time constraint and not strive for technical perfection but instead focus on concept – in this case, Voodoo.

Here are the two clips I worked on (sound design by Raymo Ventura):

Here’s a link to some photos provided by Sid Lee from the event.

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