Happy Accidents

Not much to say about these renders except that I was initially playing around with some particles and the tracer object, then added some Hair to the generated splines and somehow they ended up looking like this.

While I wasn’t going for something that looked like a mix of sperm, soy beans, and candy corn, the results were nice so I kept going further until these two renders came out. One of those happy accidents that makes C4D so much fun.


    • Hey Telias,
      I’d love to make a video tutorial but neosushi68 has done something similar to this and made a really thorough tutorial. If you follow his tutorial (http://vimeo.com/28610763) you’ll get similar results.

      Follow that tutorial, and then these added steps to get the ‘sperm’ feel:

      Length: His tutorial makes Tracer splines that follow the whole trajectory of the TP – modify the “Limit (from End)” parameter in the Tracer Object to get them to the length you wish to.

      Squiggly-Look: Add and mess around with the Kink and Frizz options in the Hair Material.

      Let me know if this works for you, if it doesn’t I’ll see what I can do tutorial-wise!

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