Lines of Convergence 2: Wobbly Illustrations

In a previous post I showed some stereoscopic animated gifs that were a series of photographs. Since then Sarah and I have been wondering where to take that technique next, and we thought we’d try it out on some of her illustrations.

These were made using one illustration, and the nice thing about working with digital illustrations is they can be delivered as Photoshop layers. On top of that, I had the added benefit of also getting Adobe Illustrator paths for pretty much all of the shapes/characters, which made my life easier.

Instead of modeling the objects (some bits were modeled using box-modeling, but not a lot), I imported the vector paths and Extruded them to make geometry. From there I used some Cloth simulations to bulge up the geometry and give it a nice organic roundness. There was some tweaking to be done, but considering that modeling isn’t my forté I think this was a nice solution and made for a quick turnaround.

After that, the illustrations were brought in to C4D as a Photoshop files and each layer projected onto its corresponding geometry – that way you could get more flexibility and less of that stretching that happens when you use Camera Projection.

The next step was to add some cameras and then animate a Stage Object cycling through the different camera setups to give it that wobble and push the depth.

Here’s some screencaps of the setups:

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