SuperHeroes Power #24: Friendly Fire

Behold the latest in the superpowers series, Friendly Fire. By far this one has been the most fun to work on yet.

It has more of a story than the previous ones, and it had some aspects that were challenging which in turn made it fun.

[vimeo w=660&h=370]

This was my first jump into fluid dynamics to recreate fire. If there’s one thing I learned, is to mind the render times when you get layers of simulations. The first few shots rendered out fairly quickly, however, once the main explosion was triggered, the renders slowed down to a crawl. I’m talking a week of rendering 300 frames. On a side note, the final explosion shot generated a 90+ GB cache file/folder – yikes!.

Making Of:

[vimeo w=660&h=370]


  1. wow! really great work, really love it, simply but cute character and a nice look overall!

    what did you use to create the explosions, maybe you could elaborate a little more about the process of the fluid sims?


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