SuperHeroes Power #83: Iceleration

It’s my pleasure to announce the first in a series of SuperHeroes themed animations.

We’ve got a few already done and ready, but will be released later on – a trickle of animations, if you will. These are based off some models I had made earlier based off the SuperHeroes branding avatars.

The premise of these series is a warehouse/testing-room where the SuperHeroes avatars showcase their unique abilities and SuperPowers. Because the ice is melting here in Amsterdam, and because it’s Valentines Day, we’ve decided to give and early release SuperHero Power #83, Iceleration.

This one was a lot of fun to make (well, they’ve all been fun to make). I’m not a character animator at all, so getting my feet wet with a blobby and leg-less character that slides around the floor makes for pretty easy animation. An animated bend deformer to give the illusion of speed, as well as when he turns corners.

The background icicles were very low-poly, but I went ahead and subdivided the ice-trails he leaves so that they would have an extra bounce when they popped up.

The trail of icicles was very easy to make. I made a spline that the character followed, and then used a Mograph Cloner set to Object on that same spline, and parented a Shader Effector with enough falloff so that they started popping up at his tail-end/butt. The final shot proved a bit tricky for this process, so I just keyframes the clones coming up.

As the trail of icicles were popping up, I added some extra icicle-bits flying out as secondary animation. These were done as a mix of C4D particles as well as some in Trapcode Particular, depending on the shot.

I initially attempted to have the atmospheric fog in C4D using Pyrocluster, but it was proving to be render-intensive and difficult to give it the right look and feel, so I just added that in After Effects using a mix of animated Fractal Noise and Vector Motion Blur.

This had a lot of compositing which would’ve been difficult had it not been for Maxon’s Exchange Plugin (Particular Emitters, the fog, flares, etc…) as well as wise use of object buffers. Having the reflections on the floor was also adding a lot of time to the renders, so using the exported camera I was able to fake the reflections on the floor (and while they aren’t perfect, they work well enough).


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