Allotropic: How to Cache your Thinking Particles

Lately my posts have been Thinking Particles-centric, mostly based on tests. Unsurprisingly, this post is also a TP test, but it wasn’t about testing TP itself, but using Net Render and distributed rendering with cached particles.

This was rendered over 6 computers, and particle behavior as well as MoDynamics was consistent throughout.

A fairly simple setup, too:

1) Instead of generating TP Geometry, put your TP groups inside a Matrix Object (set to Generate Matrices Only).

2) Add a Cloner Object and set it to Object Mode – link your Matrix Object to the Object field in the Cloner.

3) You might have to tweak the Particle Scale field in your Matrix Object to have your emitted/cloned objects be the same scale as your original setup.

4) Add a Mograph Cache Tag to the Cloner; let it do its thing.

5) Disable any Particle Emissions (you can even delete your Emitters, but not the TP Groups).

Easy breezy.


  1. Alvarito

    Sweet ass cups. Do you need C4D in all machines to use them as render slaves? I have like 3 old machines sitting at home that I might just use for this

    • It’s really really easy to set up – you don’t need C4D per se, you need to install the Net Render Server on your Host machine, and then the Net Render Client on the machines that are just going to render for you. This is all accessible from the C4D installer (there’s a Net Render option).
      This PDF (version 9, but still relevant) is all you need, it’s just a matter of knowing your IP addresses!

  2. Seth Olson

    How did you do the collisions? I see your geometry rolling around once it hits the large diamond. Thanks!

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