Yakult: Little Bottle, Big Story

I’m happy to announce that one of the most ambitious projects I’ve worked on has finally gone live!

The project is a combination of Miniature Live Action and 3D mixed together to form a little world for a little drink called Yakult. It’s all wrapped up and presented as an interactive experience, Directed by Rogier Vijverberg, Álvaro Márquez and Mali James.

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/30318432 w=640]

This was my first project at SuperHeroes; I came in after they had PreViz’d and Storyboarded everything – the next steps where actually shooting the video, and a fairly large amount of VFX work (matchmoving, keying, roto,etc…).

My role in this project was VFX Supervisor on the shoot, as well as supervising and carrying out the VFX and Motion Graphics work throughout. I’m proud to say all of the VFX work was done by myself and our intern Matt, while the 3D work was single-handedlty done by talented 3D artist Jeroen Brinkhuis.

Here’s a slightly generalized pipeline of our workflow (click to expand):

A quick list of the things I worked on: On-set VFX Supervision, Set Photography, VFX Workflow/Timetable, Matchmoving, Keying, Rotoscoping, 3D Modeling/Lighting for Opening Sequence, Sea & Sky Replacement, Secondary Animation (petals particle system, dust particles, lens flares), and then prepping the animation to make it an interactive deliverable.

And then to top off this massive project is a Making Of, which focuses in detail on most (if not all) of the steps mentioned in the Workflow Pipeline. Yes, I’m in the video and I sound redundant now that you’ve read this.

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/30132264 w=640]

And last, but not least, if you want to experience the Interactive version, visit LittleBottleBigStory.com.

Here’s a few selected Set Photos I took, if you’re curious visit my Flickr set on the Yakult Set Photos.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Creative Direction: Rogier Vijverberg, Álvaro Márquez
Art Direction: Malini James
Executive Producer: Django Weisz-Blanchetta
Live-Action Producer/DOP: Jasper Bazuin @ C-41 Productions
Music: Lullatone
VisFX / Editor: Fred Huergo
3D Modeling & Animation: Jeroen Brinkhuis
Compositing: Fred Huergo, Matt Whitewood
Maquette & Model-Making: Stijn Toonen
Interactive Production: Bas Sandee @ Magic Bullet

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