Nostalgia: Pinball & Sesame Street

My mind was blown after viewing the Pinball Number Count animation from 1970’s Sesame Street. After repeat viewings, I chose a shot from it and started making it in C4D.

The animation has everything: a catchy but weird song, psychedelic and bizarre visuals, as well as a very interesting color palette. I matched the colors from the video but gave them a little extra push, and took a few liberties with some of the geometry as well as the lighting.

All of the materials (except for the wall) in this scene had some sort of reflection/high-specularity/anisotropy or a combination of all three. It was lit with an HDRI map as the main light source, two omni lights for specular highlights, and the two bulb-things in the extreme foreground actually have a still of the original animation mapped onto the reflection.

The actual animation was illustrated/animated by Jeff Hale in 1977, and the song was performed by The Pointer Sisters.

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