Castles: The Red Kingdom

Behold, the Red Kingdom! This is the beginning of a project that revolves around a short limerick about two feuding kingdoms. This post only shows the work in progress of the Red Kingdom. The opposing ‘crown’, the Blue Kingdom, will be revealed at a later date once it’s more presentable. For now, here is the house of Red.

The way this project started was because I really got into HBO’s Game of Thrones. Something that really stood out was the title sequence – a really nice twist on the usual portrayal of maps in Middle Earth style.

In turn, the TV show made me want to play an old childhood game I used to love, Castles II: Siege and Conquest. I found a copy and started playing (abandonware ftw), and found the little campgrounds and flags rather charming – so I began to make a playful medieval campground with flags in Cinema4D. Sarah saw me working on them and showed me some castle sketches she had abandoned (ftw²), so I expanded the campground into a kingdom.

Overall, the scene is very low-poly, which was very convenient for all the instances of the trees and rocks. Rendertimes are also pretty fast, even with GI on. Also plays nicely in my laptop’s viewport, so that’s always a plus. I would say the vast majority of this scene is modeled with Mograph and some primitive shapes – the most elaborate objects are the trees (not really elaborate to begin with).


Screenshots from Castles II –  a reference for the landscape, the flags, and a playful tone.

Sarah‘s abandoned red castle.

So that’s the Red Kingdom. The Blue Kingdom will eventually be finished, but I’d say this is a nice update after a few weeks of not posting. It’s been fun.

The real question now lies in what to do with this once it’s done. There’s the idea of it being a little storybook kind of thing, so static images. But the fact that it’s mostly built in Mograph makes it pretty easy to animate… to a degree. Time will tell.

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