Super Heroes!

Here’s a style-frame and concept sketch of what will hopefully be a series of very short animations revolving around different Super Heroes. In this case, this Alien superhero is being nice enough to protect the Earth from an incoming asteroid.

At SuperHeroes we have a group of little super hero avatars that we use in our branding. If you visit the website, inspect our business cards you’ll be able to spot one or two of these – but in a 2D/vector style. I took the style and brought it into 3D, and incorporated the vibrance but gave it a bit of tactility (or at least tried to). Our intern Matt Whitewood took his first stab at modeling and made the spaceship – not too shabby.

Vector/reference icons:

To give it said tactility I used mostly the ChanLum shader, but one or two have SubSurface Scattering (SSS). I would’ve done all of them with SSS but I didn’t want to increase rendertimes exponentially, and tweaking C4D’s built-in SSS shader is not really intuitive nor that powerful – even with some great resources I found online (if someone thinks otherwise, I’d love to know your thoughts).

Here’s an example of the vast difference between SSS (left) and ChanLum (right). The SSS render is clearly the winner, and has a nice texture to it.

Rendered with Advanced Render.


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