Tasty Treats: Patat Friets

Here’s the latest installment of the Tasty Treats series: Patat Friets! Usually I would enjoy these with ketchup, but ever since my relocation to the Netherlands I’ve been introduced to European mayonaise/frietssause. May sound weird, but the mayo here tastes different – more natural and unprocessed.

I started by modeling a few different fries, then made them dynamic and ‘served/poured’ them over a dynamic collider in the shape of the paper cone. I did a few fluid dynamic tests to simulate actual mayonnaise being poured on top of them, but it always ended up looking not as pleasant and actually took away from the simplistic style that I’m going for with Tasty Treats. The mayo I used was just a cylinder that used the Spline Effector.

Here’s a short compilation video after the image so you can see a bare-bones idea of how I made the scene using Mograph, and two of the many unsuccessful liquid dynamics for the mayo.

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