Cherry Blossom

Here’s a test render of a tree that I’m working on. It’s a cherry blossom tree, and it’s completely procedural and can be animated and customized on infinite levels. Well, almost. It’s still buggy. The base trunk mesh and basic branches were generated using DPIT, and then extra branches made with Mograph. The actual cherry blossoms were made using Mograph – more on that at the bottom. And to top it off, some Hair for the grass, generated over a sphere being affected by the Formula Deformer.

The petals consist of one plane object with bend to it, which has been radially cloned and offset to give it the 5-star cherry blossom look. Then a simple spline for the pistil/filaments, random-cloned around a half-sphere and you’ve got yourself this flower.

One comment

  1. Evan Spiridellis

    I don’t know what any of that stuff MEANS but the results are beautiful! You are the Dr. Frankenstein of flora.

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