Tracking Tests

Here’s some tests I made over at SuperHeroes for a big project on the horizon. I can’t disclose much on the future project, but let me tell you, it’s going to be pretty great.

The video plates were shot at high ISO’s to get grainy results, and an overly shaky handheld feel on purpose. The reasoning was to get a somewhat  worst case scenario – it could’ve been a lot worse, I know, but still, grainy and overly jerky moves make for harder motion tracking – which in turn make for good practice.

The shot with the Dog and the Chicken were tracked in Boujou, and the Duck was tracked using PFHoe. 3D Character animation isn’t my strong point (yet), so basic movement was given to the characters (modeled by the people at Dosch) so there’d be some dynamism to the scene.

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