Heineken: UEFA 2011 Trophy (HD)

Finally, the UEFA Trophy Tour campaign is up and running on Facebook, which means my latest work is live and can be posted here!

A brief explanation: the UEFA Trophy is traveling over the next few months from Switzerland to different parts of Asia. Heineken and UEFA teamed up for this Facebook campaign/app in which the more Likes the app has, the further the Trophy travels on its route. There’s prizes along the way and all that jazz.

The animation was made completely in Cinema4D, with some minor compositing in After Effects. The traveling line/ribbon/trail was made using a combination of the Spline Deformer and MoSpline, all linked together with a bit of Xpresso for quick, easy and thorough customization. Add a touch of the Hair module plus CS Tools and you’ve got yourself this cute little animation.

There was an alternate style that I liked better – the blue from UEFA was a lot more flexible than Heineken’s green and gave it a feel of this huge stadium. But hey, whatever – sometimes you just have to take what you have and work with it. Let bygones be bygones and all that jazz.

In any case, here’s the styleframes for the initial concept with UEFA’s blue color palette & invisible stadium.

If you happen to reside in Asia, make sure to check out the Heineken Facebook page to join in on this Human Chain of Likes.

Kudos to Erwin Kho, who modeled the buildings featured in the first half of the animation.


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