They. [HD]

I am not, and never have been, a fan of wrestling. Having said that, here’s something I made over the past week and a half. More after the video.

Living in a small town doesn’t leave you with much to do, so you make your own fun (the work on this blog is a testament to that). I heard that there was a wrestling match at the local American Legion for $10, and $2 beers – so why not ? I geared up with a Rebel T2i + monopod combo, and did some journalistic videography for my first (and last) wrestling match.

The end result was a lot more enjoyable than the match itself, and even though it wasn’t my thing, Alex Marin (co-writer of this piece) convinced me that we could portray the wrestlers as human beings without sounding like wrestling fanboys (which Alex very much is).

3D Text done in Cinema4D using the Xplode plugin.

Thanks to 2CW for hosting the event, and letting me shoot.

Song: Miracle Mile by Kissed Her Little Sister


  1. Fred,

    As a representative of Squared Circle Wrestling I wanted to take a moment out and say thank you for your film featuring our workers. Your vision is amazing as well as your talent for the camera. I thoroughly enjoyed this piece and proudly share it with my co workers and 2CW fans. I mostly enjoy the fact you are NOT a wrestling fan and you gave us a completely different view than most because you’re not a fan.

    Thank you again and continued success in the future. Look forward to all your upcoming projects.

    -Kevin “KJ” Parker
    aka 2CW’s Jack Trades

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